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baby-chaosBaby Chaos were the first band that I signed a record contract with.  We were school friends who worked hard for the opportunity and it was a truly satisfying achievement.

We released two albums on EastWest and toured a fair bit in Europe and the USA.  With roughly the same group we then changed labels (signing for Reprise in L.A.) and names as we wanted to change the direction of the music.  We released one album as Deckard with Reprise and another album (a number of years later) as a self-release.

regency-buck-01In between these two records I also released an album with Regency Buck (Dreamworks) this more Electronic approach was my first foray into something other than Rock/Indie.  I kept on a working relationship with Dave from Regency Buck and we began producing a few records together while, on the side, working on the music that would begin Union of Knives.

Union of Knives signed with Relentless/EMI in London and released “Violence and Birdsong” before recording a second album which has yet to see the light of day.

After my first child was born in 2008 I felt no desire to be away from home anymore and pretty much felt I had drawn a line under my time as a performer.  I contributed as a musician and writer/producer for Craig Grant’s incredible Song of Return which he formed after Union of Knives split and then a few years ago Baby Chaos started messing about creating a new album.

I had not felt drawn to the kind of guitar rock music that Baby Chaos played for a long time, but I found that the physical effort it took to sing and play released a visceral joy in me that was unexpected.  We also found a way to record and tour that put very little strain on our young families and I am happy to say we are already in the process of making a fourth album.

Album Releases

Artist Album/Tracks Year Label
Baby Chaos Safe Sex, Designer Drugs and the Death of Rock and Roll 1994 East West/Elektra
Baby Chaos Love Your Self Abuse 1996 East West/Atlantic
Deckard Stereodreamscene 2000 Reprise/Warner
Deckard Dreams of Dynamite and Divinity 2005 Self Release
Regency Buck Incoming 2002 Dreamworks
Union Of Knives Violence and Birdsong 2007 Relentless/EMI
Union Of Knives The Anti-Fire 2008 Unreleased